Macedonia And USA Must Defeat Their Enemies — Let’s Start With George Soros

Macedonia has entered 2017 with a running start, setting itself into a strong global position with the recent election of experienced politician Nikola Gruevski as it’s Prime Minister-elect. However, the small, Balkan, land-locked country continues to face the flow of immigrants from the Middle East reaping instability in Europe, as well as the questionable intentions of George Soros’ Foundation within Macedonia’s civil society. Despite the change in leadership in USA, Macedonia clearly continues to face challenges, both internally and externally.

More than one million people have come from Turkey and through Greece trying to reach the European Union. And even though Macedonia is not the final destination, the country has managed the situation and the millions of people affected by offering safe passage through the Western Balkan route into Greece.

Macedonia has proved to be a strong, stable nation during this period of massive upheaval across a pivotal region in Europe. With the Syrian refugee crisis leaving the future of Europe uncertain, Macedonia has stepped in to play a leading mitigating role, and is doing its part to fight terrorism and the threat of ISIS. This future NATO member, despite its small size, has acted as the primary transit path for refugees escaping war-torn countries like Syria, taking extraordinary measures to address both the security issues and humanitarian concerns posed by the refugee crisis. What’s more, despite being surrounded by three EU and NATO member countries, and with increasing political instability threatening the Balkan region, Macedonia has been left to deal this crisis on its own.

Macedonia has played a major role in addressing a global issue that was dropped on its doorstep. And as an obvious result of dealing with these challenges, Macedonia has endured significant costs. But the efforts have helped make this under-the-radar country a vital ally in the fight against ISIS – and the fight against terrorism at large.